official personal dosimetry

To have access to the controlled areas you need an official personal dosimeter. GSI employees get a TLD dosimeter, if all requirements are fulfilled. On the back you find a QR code; this one is needed to pass the booth system.

Additional to this official dosimeter an electonic one needs to be worn in controlled areas or if you work with radioactive sources. You get such an electronic dosimeter when you pass the booth system.
If you work in controlled areas, where you enter the controlled areas without a booth system, you can get an electronic dosimeter (a so called RadEye) from the radiation protection shift (PSA 12-5291-xxxx).

electronic dosimeter

An electronic dosimeter is important, because if can warn the user when he works in an area with high dose rate. It warns acoustically when the dose rate is higher than 3 μSv/h. It also accumulates the dose, so that it can be used as a reference for the official dosimetry.

The figure displays a RadEye dosimeter. if you need such an electronic dosimeter, please contact the radiation protection shift PSA: 12-52-91-xxxx.

official dosimeter

The official dose must be evaluated each month. Therefore the TLD cards inside the black case must be changed every month. At the end of the month (between 25th and the 5th of the next month) all TLD dosimeter are collected to change the TLD cards inside. Therefore it is really important that you leave you dosimeter in the (blue, sometimes black) boxes so that the cards can be changed without any delay.

guest scientists

Guest scientists should bring their own dosimeter to GSI. They get a QR code to pass the booth system.
If they do not have a dosimeter, they can get one in GSI

You can use this form

Last but not least - please mind the requirements for the access to GSI controlled areas.

Contact persons in the group personal dosimetry

Jacqueline Gißler

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room: SE 2.131

field of activity:

  • personal dosimetry (deputy)

Dr. Alexandra Knapp

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field of activity:

  • radiation protection officer for §25 StrlSchG (external companies)
  • Online instructions
  • radiation passports

Dr. Yvonne Knies

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  • personal dosimetry

Giovanna Monzo

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field of activity:

  • medical assistance (radiation protection examinations)