Check list for external companies

Anyone who employs persons under his supervision or performs tasks himself in GSI, shall require a governmental licence to send persons in radiation protection areas of external facilities. Within this licence the external company has to:

  • have a radiation protection officer
  • need to equip their employees with official dosimeters and radiation passports
  • they must have a delimitation contract with GSI. This contract governs the organizational and administrative measures to ensure radiation protection of the external employees.
  • GSI receives a copy of the §15 radiation protection licence.

Further requirements for the access of the GSI controlled areas are

  • a valid safety and radiation protection instruction of GSI (not older than 12 months)
  • a valid medical examination (findings: there are no health concerns regarding a work with ionising radiation) (also not older than 12 months). 

The GSI safety instruction and the radiation protection instruction can be done online. More information can be found here.