Change or reset passwords

This page shows you how to change or reset your passwords for e.biss, e-mail & Windows, GSI web login, Linux, Samba, Oracle and SAP.

The passwords of the various GSI accounts can be changed with knowledge of the old or, if you do not remember them, be reset. In the second case, please bring a valid document of identification. You will find here a collection of links to various web interfaces and instructions that allow you to change or reset your passwords. Please keep in mind the hints for the password policies.

Specops Password Policy Manager

Specops Password Policy Manager is used to visualize Windows password policies applied at GSI and FAIR. The tool will be automatically displayed when a password is changed via Windows security (CTRL+ALT+DEL) and directly provides an overview of already met and missing requirements for a new password.


The e.biss password can be reset via the password self-service function: "Reset password" on the e.biss-homepage. This is, however, no longer possible if the account has been blocked after 3 incorrect password entries. In this case, you can either write an e-mail to ebiss-service or contact the SAP team or the IT Helpdesk directly. After your e.biss account has been unlocked again, you can reset your password as before. Alternatively, the password changes can also be made by the SAP team or the IT Helpdesk. The latter is only possible by personal appearance or - if you are known there - by telephone.

Citrix, E-mail and Windows Password

The Windows password is required not only in the Windows world, but also, for example, to access Citrix or your e-mails, regardless of the operating system.

  • Change Password Windows
  • Resetting the Windows password: please contact the IT Helpdesk (phone 2515) in person and with a valid ID card.

GSI Web Login

GSI Web Log is used for example to access project time tracking, WebDAV, online safety training, trouble ticket System, eduroam, and Typo3.

For technical reasons (especially for eduroam), use only the international special characters:

! $ % & / \ ; , : . _ * + - ( ) [ ] { }

Attention: After changing the GSI Web login password, you can not log on to the WLAN profile "GSI-Eduroam", because the new password is not transmitted and you have no possibility for a new entry.
In this case, install Windows WLAN Profile löschen - Deleting WLAN Profiles from the Software Center. But this will delete all your stored WLAN profiles


  • Change Linux password (Linux Wiki)
  • Reset Linux password: please bring a valid document of identification and contact the IT Helpdesk (Tel. 2515)

Linux Samba Connection

  • Change Linux Samba password (Howto)

User Oracle Data Base


Logon to SAP ERP is done via SSO (Single-Sign-On). This means that a user who has successfully logged into Windows on his computer does not have to log into SAP explicitly. If, on the other hand, you want to use SAP on a computer where another user is already logged on to Windows, you must log on to the SAP account using the SNC logon.

Resetting SAP Password: Resetting the SAP password is handled in the same way as resetting the e-mail and Windows password.The SAP team or the IT Helpdesk can reset your password after prior authentication. The passwords will be communicated to you only personally or, if you are known, by phone.