Change Windows Password

The Windows password is valid for 24 months. Before it expires, e-mails are sent with an appropriate warning in a defined time frame. Information for password length, complexity, and other safety information are summarized on this page. As long, as it is still valid, the password can be changed via:

After expiration, the password can only be changed in Windows itself and thus only within GSI.

How can I change the Windows Passwort in Windows 10?

After login please use the shortcut: 

Ctrl + Alt + Delete      (or   Ctrl + Alt + End   in a Remote Desktop Connection)

The following screen appears:

Now you can change your password or from another user (not for a localadmin account!). The username of the current user is automatically entered:

If the password does not correspond the guidelines, the following note pops up:

Changing the password over a Citrix session (Citrix Receiver)

When logged on to a Terminal Server machine, expand the Citrix toolbar and click on the Ctrl+Alt+Del - icon in the toolbar:

After that you'll have to enter your old and your new password:

How can I change the Windows Password in Outlook Web Access (OWA)?

You must first be logged into Outlook Web Access (OWA) to change your Windows password.

Exchange 2016: Settings - Options - General - My Account - Change Your Password

With the conversion to Exchange Server 2016, there is unfortunately no possibility to change the password directly on the OWA login page.

How can I change the old saved password in Outlook?

If you have saved the old Windows password in Outlook, the first Outlook start will fail after changing the Windows password.

Start the Mail-Setup program via Start → Control Panel → E-Mail (Mail). Then perform the following steps:

Now enter your new password. Here you have the possibility to put a check mark, so that the password will be saved and you will not have to enter it again.

Finally you should deactivate the Option "Always prompt for logon credentials".