GSI/FAIR Digital Open Lab

Within GSI/FAIR's own high-performance computing center "Green IT Cube", the "Digital Open Lab" provides the environment for developing, testing and upscaling energy-efficient high-performance computing to the scale of industrial demonstrators.

In this Real Lab / Innovation & Test Data Center computing and storage systems can be optimally tuned to an efficient cooling system with the respective application-specific requirements for performance capabilities, temporal load distributions and the like, and in different operating modes and system configurations.

The Green IT Cube is particularly sustainable thanks to its special cooling system. The water cooling system used here in the rear doors of the server cabinets is highly efficient and requires less than seven percent of the electrical power of the IT equipment. The energy required for cooling is reduced to one tenth compared to conventional supercomputers. This reduces operating costs and at the same time contributes to environmental protection. For more information click here.

The Digital Open Lab (Innovation & Test Data Center) is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. It is available for partners from industry and research. For inquiries and more info, please contact us.

Our offer to private and public partners:

  • Joint R&D: Offer to provide the infrastructure and IT competences of GSI and FAIR for joint development around the topics of HPC, Big Data and ultra-fast data acquisition, including software developments and products
  • Collaborations: Access to HPC systems and projects for external partners via collaboration projects
  • Provision of rack space:  Offering services in the data center

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