Open House at GSI and FAIR 2023

Seeing. Experiencing. Understanding:

On July 15th 2023, GSI and FAIR opened their doors and invited visitors to an adventure trip into science and cutting-edge research activities of GSI and FAIR.

In the sense of "CREATIVITY IS INTELLIGENCE HAVING FUN" (ALBERT EINSTEIN), the team from Technology Transfer had prepared great activities for the visitors:
The guests could accelerate particles (metal balls) themselves in an accelerator build of Lego and GraviTrax.

We also organized a spaghetti tower challenge: With 20 spaghetti, 1 metre of masking tape, one piece of cord and a marshmallow, the visitors were asked to build the highest tower within 18 minutes. The aim was to place the marshmallow at the highest point, because that was where the height was measured. The creative tinkering was fueled by self-made popcorn.

We would like to thank the participants for their extraordinary ideas and congratulate team "Marleeni" with 71 cm for 1st place, team "Schiefer Turm von Darmstadt" with 70 cm for 2nd place, team "WG Dortweil" with 64 cm for 3rd place and all other participants for their great constructions.