Creating Coloured Foils

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If you want to create coloured foils you can use the document class seminar.

The specials of this style are:

  • coloured text and tables
  • various frames, headers and footers
  • landscape and portrait slides in the same document

Additional you can use the semgsi - package. Your headers and footers will be created with the GSI - Logos, the date, the pagenumber, and the author. The author you have to define in the introduction. There are three pagestyle definitions available:

  • gsi - layout with logos, author, pagenumber ( = default)
  • gsio - layout without GSI logos
  • gsios - layout without pagenumber

You can choose one of these layouts via: \pagestyle{...}

The default for the framestyle is oval. You can also type shadow or double. With the command \slideheading{...} you create a header in a shadow box.

Here comes an example:

% Folien: Landscape und Portrait gemischt
\author{Kerstin Schiebel}
\date{31/2/96}%                           variable Datumsangabe
\rotateheaderstrue%                   Header bei Landscape auch gedreht
\begin{slide}%                            Landscapefolie
\item das ist der test
\item 2.Punkt
\item 3.Punkt}
\pagestyle{gsio}%                         ohne GSI-Logos
\begin{slide*}%                           Portraitfolie
das ist Seite 2
\pagestyle{gsi}%                          mit GSI-Logos
das ist Seite 3


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