Synthesis of Nanostructures

The combination of etched ion-track membranes and electrodeposition allows us to synthesize nanowires with simultaneous and independent control of their dimension, geometry, morphology and crystallinity.

Poly- and single-crystalline nanowires, with diameter ranging between few nm and several micrometers, and aspect ratio (length over diameter) as high as 1000, are created by electrochemical deposition in etched ion track templates. The wires can remain in the template or can be transfered to another substrate after removal of the membrane.

Currently, we are working on the electrochemical synthesis of nanowires of different materials such as copper, gold, bismuth, platinum, silver, alloys such as AuAg, Bi1-xSbx and Bi2Te3, ZnO, and heterostructures such as multilayers.

Novel nanostructures such as nanogaps for plasmonics, conical nanowires, and nanowire networks are currently under development and investigation.

Recent publications

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