Within the FAIR project at GSI, the BIOMAT department is responsible for the planning and installation of the beamline and irradiation facility for the BIOMAT collaboration located in the APPA hall of the new accelerator complex. The beamline will combine highest functionality and flexibility for high-energy experiments of biophysics and materials research in order to fulfill the broad demands of a universal BIOMAT user-facility.

The BIOMAT team is integrated in experimental activities of both research departments to ensure close contact to the experiments and to take part in the development process of new installations of the collaboration.

Furthermore, the department investigates radiation hardness of FAIR relevant materials. Of special focus are carbon-based materials and composites to be applied as production targets, beam-collimators or beam-dumps at FAIR

Contact person

Dr. Daniel Severin

Phone: + 49-6159-71-2715

Room: C27.2.025