RF‐design of the new post‐stripper DTL

  • Authors: X. Du, L. Groening, S. Mickat, A. Seibel, A. Rubin

UNILAC Status Report

  • Authors: P. Gerhard

UNILAC Upgrade Activities

  • Authors: L. Groening

ROSE - a ROtating System for 4d Emittance measurements

  • Authors: M. Maier, X. Du, P. Gerhard, L. Groening, S. Mickat, H. Vormann, C. Xiao

High Current Injector (HSI) Upgrade

  • Authors: S. Mickat, M. Baschke, L. Groening, H. Hähnel, M.S. Kaiser, H. Podlech, U. Ratzinger, R. Tiede, H. Vormann, M. Vossberg, C. Zhang

Status of beam dynamics design of the new post-stripper DTL

  • Authors: A. Rubin, D. Daehn, X. Du, L. Groening, and S. Mickat

Progress on the 1.4 MeV/u pulsed gas stripper for the GSI UNILAC

  • Authors: P. Scharrer, E. Jäger, W. Barth, M. Bevcic, Ch. E. Düllmann, L. Groening, K. P. Horn, J. Khuyagbaatar, J. Krier, and A. Yakushev

Measurements at the cold model for the new post-stripper DTL

  • Authors: A. Seibel, X. Du, L. Groening, O. Kester, S. Mickat

Rotating system for four-dimensional transverse rms-emittance measurements

  • Authors: C. Xiao, M. Maier, X.N. Du, P. Gerhard, L. Groening, S. Mickat, and H. Vormann

New HSI-RFQ Design for the UNILAC Upgrade

  • Authors: Chuan Zhang, Lars Groening, Sascha Mickat, Hartmut Vormann