Modern experiments in nuclear and particle physics require more complex front end electronics in limited space. In addition special requirements like tolerance against ionising irradiation are given. Therefore application specific integrated circuits so called ASICs are used in physics expeeriments.

To open this technology for the experimenters at GSI and to give support in development, production test and integration of ASICs allready 2002 the ASIC-design group was founded at GSI. In the meantime the group is well established and active in all large FAIR collaborations as well as in common projects with the accellerator team.

These pages should give you an impression of the activites of the ASIC design group. If you have further questions please contact a member of the ASIc design group.


Dr. Holger Flemming

Tel +49-6159-71-1354

Office SB3 2.223A



Harald Deppe|SB3 2.223a|++49 6159 71 1355

Sven Löchner|SB3 2.223a|++49 6159 71 1633

Peter Wieczorek|SB3 2.223a|++49 6159 71 1607

Helga Schindler|SB2 2.258|++49 6159 71 2514




Harald Deppe

SB3 2.223a

++49 6159 71 1355

Sven Löchner

SB3 2.223a

++49 6159 71 1633

Peter Wieczorek

SB3 2.223a

++49 6159 71 1607

Helga Schindler

SB2 2.258

++49 6159 71 2514