Manufacturing & PCB Ordering

The production group of the department for experiment electronics is dealing with the whole process of the physical production of modules. The PCBs which are produced according to the design from the layout group are equipped with the necessary components with a state of the art assembly machine. 

Additional to the assembly itself this tasks includes the administrative process of the PCB ordering, the material ordering and placing the material at the disposal, the solder printing via a stencil printer, the programming of the automatic assembly machine, the soldering of the PCBs in a reflow oven, the automatic optical inspection of the assembled modules as well as the rework of soldering errors and the repair of existing modules.

Machinery (selection)

ASM Siplace SX1 placement machine

The core of the SMD production is the placement machine Siplace SX1. With this device all modern (small) components can be picked and placed.


ASM/DEK stencil printers

The solder paste on the board has to be positioned and dosed very precisely. For this purpose we use a stencil printer with automatic positioning of board to stencil, to achieve reliable good results.

Convection reflow oven

For gentle and reliable soldering we use a convection reflow oven.


  • Sourcing of materials & Commissioning
  • Assembly & Mounting
  • Electronic-Modules

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Material & PCB Ordering

Dr. Michael Traxler


Assembly & Mounting

Dr. Michael Traxler