Pulse Compressor

technical contact: Bernhard Zielbauer

A stretched pulse delivered by the femtosecond frontend can be recompressed in the Pulse Compressor after being amplified in the laser chain in order to achieve an exit power of up to 500 TW (chirped pulse amplification scheme). It consists of two 48-cm-wide optical gratings used in single-pass configuration. While the compressor grating configuration remains fixed, the resulting recompressed pulse duration can be changed by adjustment of the pulse stretcher of the femtosecond frontend.

Key parametes are:

Min. pulse length:

700 fs (after compression)

Max. Output energy:

180 J

Max. Output power:

250 TW

Pulse compression rate:

0,04 ps/nm

Grating distance:

4 m

Grating constant:

1740 lines/mm

Grating size:

80 x 40 cm²