Main Amplifier

technical contact: Udo Eisenbarth

The Main Amplifier is set up in a double-pass configuration using five flashlamp-pumped Nd:glass amplifier cassettes. Its architecture is based on Nova and Phebus amplifiers. With a typical beam diameter of up to 28 cm output energies of up to one kJ could be reached. With short pulses from the fs-frontend the maximum energy is 250 J. This limitation is due to the Faraday isolator as well as the pulse compressor. The Faraday isolator is required to suppress potential back reflections from the experiment chamber.

Key parameters are:

Maximum output energy (fs pulses):

250 J

Maximum output energy (ns pulses):

1 kJ

Maximum gain:


Maximum output beam diameter:

28 cm (tophat profile)

Cool down between shots: