SPARC: Photon Detector Development


2015: Compton polarimetry using double-sided segmented x-ray detectors

2015: Multi-element readout of structured HPGe-detectors for high-resolution x-ray spectroscopy using CUBE-preamplifiers

2015: Characterization of a double-sided Si(Li) strip Compton polarimeter

2013/02/13: SPARC-Workshop zum Einsatz von Mikrokalorimetern bei FAIR am Helmholtz-Institut Jena

2012: Position-, Energy-, and Timesensitive Si(Li) and Ge(i) Multistrip Detectors applied to X-ray Imaging and Compton Polarimetry(Poster)

2011/06/20: Monte Carlo simulations for the characterization of position-sensitive x-ray detectors dedicated to Compton polarimetry

2011: High Data Rate Initiative: Electronic Readout for a Si(Li) – Compton – Polarimeter

2010: Performance tests of a position-sensitive planar Si(Li) detector system

2010/07/26: Performance of a position sensitive Si(Li) x-ray detector dedicated to Compton polarimetry of stored and trapped highly-charged ions

2009: Towards a fully 3D spatial readout of a 2D-µstrip detector system

2008/08/01: Performance of a Ge-microstrip imaging detector and polarimeter

2007/07/27: Microstrip detectors for compton polarimetry - presented at ICPEAC 2007 in Freiburg

2006/11/17: Large Volume Si(Li) Compton Polarimeter - presented at IEEE 2006

2006/03/28: Development of DSP for the Readout of complex Ge(i)-Detectors

2006/02/13: Performance Test of a 2D µ-Strip Ge(i) Detector at ESRF

2006/02/13: Development of a double-sided Si(Li) Strip Detector for Hard X-Ray Polarimetry

2004/11/26: Presentations given at the working group meeting, October, 28, 2004

2004/11/26: Minutes of the meeting of the Working Group

2004/10/22: Announcement of working group meeting on 28th october, 2004