General information for Visitors; Central services

- Visitor Access FAIR/GSI;

- Directions and Campus map;

- Parking management at GSI; External visitors should please be aware that the parking situation at GSI remains difficult for the foreseeable future. Please use either public transportation, carpool or use Skype. If you decide to come by car, please pay attention to the information given ...

- The Welcome Office at GSI/FAIR is the central point of contact for associated guests and users on campus. As a guest, you will have to register, before coming to GSI/FAIR.

Please inform  AP-secretariat concerning your visit to GSI/FAIR.

- Guest-Office;

- Booklet "Information für GSI- und FAIR-Gäste" 2017.06 (intern);


Entrance requirements to GSI campus and controlled areas

In order to get access to the GSI campus and perform experiments in the cave areas of GSI the guests must meet some requirements. The following information guides through steps to comply with all formalities.

  • Guests on a short stay at GSI can use their eduroam accounts (Instructions how to configure);

  • If you do not have an eduroam account you can request for WLAN guest account or register your notebook (IP Address) for the GSI network; Please fill it out and bring to the IT Helpdesk;

  • Guests who stay at GSI for a longer time and GSI employees should apply for a regular GSI-User account;

Guests who have to carry out activities at GSI have to fill in this form and send it as early as possible to Ms. Jansen SB1 3.123, as well as a copy for the secretary of the department

Work in controlled areas

Experimental areas are classified according to Radiation Protection Department in three different areas: "inaccessible area", "controlled area" and "not controlled". The list of all "Radiation protection instructions" in german is visible for logged-in users.

Persons who, in the framework of their activities, are required to enter control areas must fulfill "Entrance requirements for GSI controlled areas" rools.

  • Medical examination (not older than 12 months); If a medical radiation protection examination has not already taken place within the last 12 months, new GSI employees as well as new guest scientists can register for a medical radiation protection examination in the medical service (Mrs. Giovanna Monzo).

  • GSI- safety and radiation protection instructions (not older than 12 months); Information about all online instructions can be found here.

  • Radiation protection surveillance; this requires the wearing of an official personal dosimeter. Online application forms for GSI staff and external persons who have to carry out activities at the GSI are available, on the page of Radiation protection department.

  • Additional requirements for guests and external company staff:

    - radiation passport;
    - permission regarding §25 StrlSchG of the external company(=University, Institute, etc.);
    - demarcation contract between GSI and external company;



Equipment Delivery