Research Program


The research program of our division is devoted to development and realisation of experiments dedicated to study of properties of exotic nuclei and nuclear dynamics. We are especially focused on the design and construction of the R3B experiment. Goal of our reasearch program is the understanding of the structure and reactions of exotic nuclei, which in comparison with stable nuclei have very large variation in neutron-to-proton ratio. These types of studies are of importance for basic research and they play a central role in astrophysics, e.g. in the element synthesis in the Universe. Moreover, properties and reactions of neutron-rich nuclei enable the access to understanding of very asymmetric nuclear matter such as e.g. neutron stars.


More details on the developements concerning R3B experimental setup can be found here


More details on the physics part of our research program can be found here:

Nuclear Astrophysics

Reactions with Exotic Nuclei

Reaction Mechanisms