SHE Chemistry

Welcome to the "Superheavy Element Chemistry" department at GSI!


Our department hosts large international collaborations and is one of the decisive partners in chemical and nuclear studies of the heaviest man-made elements.

With our experiments we aim at discovering new superheavy elements and studying their production, nuclear structure and stability. In chemical experiments with single atoms of these transactinide elements we probe their chemical behavior and thus the structure of the periodic table at its limits.

With the UNILAC accelerator, the recoil separator TASCA, transuranium targets, and the necessary infrastructure for nuclear chemical experiments with transactinides, GSI offers unique experimental facilities. At the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz and the Helmholtz Institute Mainz, complementary setups at the TRIGA Mainz research reactor as well as the transuranium target production laboratory are available.

The experimental work is complemented by advanced quantum-chemical calculations.

Visit us on our superheavies and the TASCA Websites!