Programme: The Universe in the Lab - Open House, 7 May 2017

Walking tours: Explore the research campus on your own

On five different routes you can explore our accelerator facility, research stations and departments on your own. On your arrival at the campus you get a map for those self-guided tours. At a total of 30 stations you can get to know everything about research at GSI and FAIR. On this day, researchers, engineers, and mechanics will be inviting visitors into their accelerator and experimentation facilities, workshops, computing center, and labs. They will provide extra tours, answer questions, and hold discussions with visitors.

  • 100 meters long accelerator
  • large-scale detectors
  • control room
  • cancer treatment facility
  • birth place of the element Darmstadtium
  • hightech developments for FAIR
  • and many more

From a mega construction project to forward-looking job opportunities

  • FAIR forum
    All over the campus you find information on the scientific and technical progress for the research facility FAIR. This information is summarized in the FAIR forum. Experts will explain the construction, the accelerator facility and the research of FAIR, one of the largest research projects in the world.

  • Bus tours to the conctruction site
    For the first time the general public will be able to get a close-up view of the construction site of the world-wide unique particle accelerator facility FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research). With a guided bus tour you can circle the construction site.

  • Job oppurtunities and education
    Information about the wide variety of job opportunities at GSI and FAIR: From traineeships and jobs in scientific, technical, and administrative areas to construction work and academic careers.

Join in and win!

  • #ScienceSelfie #Contest
    Take a selfie of yourself in front of the highlights at GSI and FAIR. The best selfie wins a sightseeing flight! Participate via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Science Quiz
    In a science quiz visitors can test their knowledge on FAIR and GSI and win a sightseeing flight around campus amongst other prizes.
  • Become research expert (for kids under the age of 16)
    Our young visitors are invited to explore the science stations and collect stamps on a card to become research expert. With enough stamps collected they get a certificate and a small surprise the information tent.

  • Hands-on experiments
    The chocolate marshmellow in vacuum, producing elements and accelerating particles: Join in the hands-on experiments and explore physics phenomenons.

Colourful supporting programme for the entire family

  • Kids' programme
    We offer a special program aimed primarily at younger visitors. It will enable them to satisfy their curiosity during exciting science shows devoted to “fire and ice”. Kids will also be able to enjoy bouncy castles and additional animations.

  • Star Wars cosplay
    The costume club 501st German Garrison perform in Star Wars costumes.

  • Art campus
    The photo exhibition "Research in Focus" shows the beauty of science and technology: complex instruments with their unusual forms, symmetries and colours have their own aesthetics.

  • Music
    The supporting program includes outdoor music performances at the pond.

  • Food and beverages
    A diverse range of food and beverages will be offered at the “Zum schnellen Ioni” restaurant, the “Quark-Teilchen” coffee bar, and various stands throughout the grounds.


Special information


  • Thestations of the Open House are mostly at ground leveland therefore suitable forwheelchairusers. Persons with walking difficultiesneed to plan forlongwalking distances(more than 500 meters). Disabled parking spots are signposted. Peoplewithpacemakersmaynotenterallareas oftheresearch facility.Theseareasare specially identified.

  • It is not allowed to bring animals to the event. An exception is made for guide dogs, which have to be leashed.


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