Projects & Collaborations


For characterization purposes of photo sensors produced in large scale the PSL group is working in shift operation mode.

Actually the PSL@GSI group is working on the characterization of Avalanche Photo Diodes (APDs) used as photo sensors for the ElectroMagnetic Calorimeter (EMC) of the PANDA experiment. ;


In addition the PSL staff is member of the R3B project, in which APDs of different design are used as photo sensors for the CALIFA gamma spectrometer. ;


Due to several synergetic overlaps between several FAIR experiments, the PSL@GSI group is also contributing to the ongoing activities for the CBM-STS, e.g. reliability tests of different glues concerning radiation hardness, temperature behaviour, etc. ;



Since 2015 the PSL is also an active participant of the Summer Student Program at GSI.