Welcome to the HADES Group at GSI

HADES is a versatile, large acceptance spectrometer operating with beam extracted from the SIS18. It uses directed beam from the synchrotron or optionally secondary pion beams produced in a production target 15 m upstream from the HADES target point. It combines a magnetic spectrometer with detector systems specialized in detecting rare decay products such as electrons and positrons from conversion decays of hadrons. The spectrometer features a sophisticated superconducting toroid, low-mass drift chambers, a ring-imaging Cherenkov detector using a CsI photocathode and a pre-shower detector.  The time-of-flight system uses diamond start detectors and scintillator and resistive plate based stop detectors.

The GSI group is  involved in the operation and maintenance of the detector system and developed in cooperation with the scientific infrastructure departments of GSI different detector systems and components of the data acquisition system. The international HADES collaboration has 120 members from 13 European countries.