Welcome to the Multi Branch System (MBS)

The MBS is the standard Data Acquisition System at GSI and at many foreign laboratories

<< NEW RELEASE MBS 6.3 (November 2017) >>

This new production release contains all improvement since 2013.

See the  MBS v63 release notes for the new features

Overview talk (2019, pdf)


Select any of the installed versions by command "mbslogin version"

Current production version:     V6.3

activate at gsi with "prod", "mbslogin prod" or "mbslogin v63"

Current development version: V6.4

activate at gsi with "deve", "mbslogin deve" or "mbslogin v64"

Current "old" version:              V6.2 

activate at gsi with "old", "mbslogin old" or "mbslogin v62"




  • Entirely written in C
  • Scalable from single crate to hierarchical multi-processor topolgies
  • Based on Linux (Debian, Sugarhat, IPV) (v.2.6) from MBS version V6.1 onwards
  • Based on Real-time system LynxOS (v2.5, 3.1, 4.0)
  • Supports VME, VXI, FASTBUS, CAMAC, PCI Express standards
  • GSI Trigger Module required (TRIVA, TRIXOR)
  • Supports PPC VME processor boards (RIO2, RIO3, RIO4)
  • Supports Freescale PowerPC P2020 (IPV 1102)
  • Supports M68k processor boards (VME: E7, CAMAC: CVC)
  • Supports standard and industrial PCs (x86, x86_64)
  • Memory mapped data flow via VME and VSB
  • Message oriented data flow via TCP/IP sockets (up to 10Gbit)
  • Data logging to local disks, NFS disks, tape drives (DLT8000) and Remote File Input Output (RFIO) system
  • Direct data logging to Automatic Tape Library at GSI (RFIO or LTSM)
  • Full control with Command Interface from one terminal
  • Optionally full control via DABC HTTP server and Web GUI
  • Online monitoring output channels to GO4, ROOT, DABC
  • Event library for custom analysis systems for MBS listmode data files and all MBS monitoring output channels
  • Utilizes full performance of all hardware devices