Progress Reports


2012/01/30: Electron dynamics accompanying slow heavy–ion collisions

2012/01/30: b11.stephan-twophoton-absorption-ANDREY

2011/10/31: EMMI workshop on the nonlinear dynamics of simple quantum systems at extreme temperatures and intensities

2011/08/24: Two-photon absorption of few-electron heavy ions

2011/07/21: QED Theory of the Nuclear Magnetic Shielding in Hydrogenlike Ions

2011/05/25: Hyperfine transitions in He-like ions as a tool for nuclear-spin-dependent parity-nonconservation studies

2010/10/07: Relativistic calculations of the charge-transfer probabilities and cross sections for low-energy collisions of H-like ions with bare nuclei

2010/09/30: Dominance of Breit Interaction in the X-Ray Emission of Highly Charged Ions

2010/09/26: EMMI workshop on the theory of particle dynamics under extreme matter conditions

2010/07/11: Evaluation of the screened QED corrections to the g factor and the hyperfine splitting of lithiumlike ions

2009/01/18: 426. WEH-Seminar in Bad Honnef (Germany): Atomic Theory for Fundamental Interactions and Simple Systems in Strong Fields

2008/07/18: Informal EMMI Workshop - The Physics of Supercritical Electromagnetic Fields

2007/09/21: Prasentations given on the theory workshop at GSI

2007/07/05: Program of the theory workshop at GSI

2007/05/28: Invitation to the meeting of the theory working group - 17. and 18. 7. 2007, GSI, Darmstadt

2006/03/27: Beam Lifetimes and Cross Sections for 10-75 MeV/u U28+ and Xe18+ Ions

2006/01/11: Projectile Electron Losses in the Collision with Neutral Targets

2005/07/09: Theory working group: Invitation to the workshop "Atomic Physics in Strong Fields", Piaski, Poland, September 6 - 11, 2005

2004/11/09: 2nd announcement of working group theory

2004/11/02: Minutes of the meeting of the Working Group, October 2004

2004/10/02: 1st announcement of working group theory