Project Group Special Installations (SSI)


The Synchrotron Special Installations (SSI) project group includes collimators and special installations of the FAIR synchrotron SIS100 and the existing synchrotron SIS18, as well as the topic areas "Ionisation Losses and Dynamic Vacuum".

The latter is an effect that occurs during operation with partially charged heavy ions in circular accelerators and causes unwanted beam losses. Beam particles can change their state of charge by collisions with residual gas particles, whereby they are separated from the circulating beam and are lost on the vacuum chamber wall. During impact they release large amounts of gas, which in turn increases the probability of further reloading processes. This effect can limit the maximum beam intensity. This limit can be shifted by suitable collimators in favor of a higher number of particles by collecting lost beam particles in a controlled manner. Read more ⇒


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Main Topics of SSI Projects
  • SIS100 Special Installations
  • SIS18 Special Installations
  • Ionisation Losses and Dynamic Vaccum




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