Department SC Magnets & Testing (SCM)
- Superconducting Magnets and Testing -


The "SC Magnets & Testing" department is responsible for the superconducting magnets of FAIR's two large machines, the SIS100 heavy ion synchrotron and the Super-FRS mass spectrometer.

This comprises about 600 magnets of different types, which are combined into modules in various configurations and form the core of the ion optics in the FAIR facility.

The main magnets are generally iron-dominated in order to guarantee the high demands on the field quality. In the case of dipoles, field strengths of up to 2 T are required, which are generated by coils made of low-temperature superconductor (NbTi). As a special feature in the field of superconducting accelerator magnets, the main magnets of the SIS100 synchrotron are ramped with up to 4 T/s, which in turn requires low inductances and a magnet current of up to 13.5 kA. With regard to the Super-FRS, on the other hand, the dimensions of the modules are particularly distinctive, reaching up to 7 meters in length and 60 tons in weight due to the high cross-sections of the beam tubes.

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Group Structure

The department SC Magnet & Testing (SCM) is divided into three groups:


  1. Magnet Electrical Systems (MES)
  2. Magnet Testing & Technology (MTT)
  3. Superconducting Magnet Technology (SMT)