Department SC Magnets & Testing (SCM)
- Superconducting Magnets and Testing -



The central tasks of the department include:


  • Magnet design according to ion optical requirements as well as cryostat development and module integration,
  • Development and optimization of various components such as superconducting cables or yoke production,
  • Specification development for series production,
  • Manufacturing tracking (technical project management) with special focus on quality assurance,
  • Planning and specification of functional tests at operating temperature for quality assurance and determination of operating parameters,
  • Execution of cold tests in own test facilities or monitoring at project partners,
  • Development of dedicated measurement technology and infrastructure.
  • Development, production support and testing of systems for the detection of quenching processes (transition to the normal conducting state),
  • Planning of installation processes and sequences for commissioning accelerator segments.