SIS100 Laser Cooling Pilot Facility

Our goal is to establish a pilot facility - at the FAIR heavy-ion synchrotron SIS100 - for laser cooling of bunched relativistic heavy-ion beams. Beams of highly charged ions will first be produced by the GSI Helmholtz centre for heavy ions in Darmstadt, Germany, and will then be injected into the FAIR SIS100 where they will be stored, bunched, and accelerated to highly relativistic energies. With the aid of the pilot facility, these ions beams will finally be laser-cooled and transformed into very cold and very short relativistic heavy-ions bunches for experiments.


This activity is part of subtopic 2 from Accelerator Research & Development (ARD), of the „Matter and Technologies“ program within POF III and POF IV of the Helmholtz association.


Our activities are concentrated on the technical development of laser and detection systems (BMBF funded), the design and construction of the laser beamline and the laboratory at the SIS100, and on (the optimisation of) measuring methods and controls for laser cooling. In the following, an overview is given of the concrete projects of the different groups and their research activities in this field. For more information we like to refer to the websites of the individual collaboration partners, as listed below.

Working Group Laser Cooling



Dr. D. Winters  (Project Leader)
S. Klammes (additional at TU Darmstadt), Dr. P. Spiller, Prof. Th. Stöhlker and Prof. Th. Kühl;


HI Jena
Prof. Th. Stöhlker


TU Darmstadt

Prof. Th. Walther,
Dr. T. Beck, N. Eizenhöfer, S. Klammes, Dr. D. Kiefer, S. Hepp, M. Horst, Prof. G. Birkl, Prof. O. Boine-Frankenheim and
Dr. L. Eidam;


TU Dresden/HZDR

Prof. U. Schramm,
Dr. M. Bussmann, Dr. M. Siebold and Dr. M. Loeser;


Uni Münster

Prof. C. Weinheimer,
A. Buß, D. Winzen and Dr. V. Hannen;


Lebedev Institute Moscow, Russia

Dr. V. Shevelko


IMP/CAS Lanzhou, China

Prof. X. Ma,
Dr. ZQ. Huang, Dr. HB. Wang and Dr. WQ. Wen;


The Facility at SIS100


Components along the Beamline (AtB)

  • Scrapers, Laser in / Detector Chamber, Laser out, Laser Beamline

Work Packages

  • Facility Infrastructure (GSI)
  • Laser Systems (TU Dresden and TU Darmstadt)
  • Detector Systems (Uni Münster)
  • Controls and Acquisition (GSI)

SIS100 - Sector 3 - Layout



Refereed Paper

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GSI Scientific Reports

2018 - The SIS100 laser cooling facility
2017 - The SIS100 laser cooling facility
2016 - The SIS100 laser cooling facility
2015 - The SIS100 laser cooling facility
2014 - The SIS100 laser cooling facility

Diploma- and PhD-Theses


S. Klammes – PhD Thesis 2021 – TU Darmstadt
D. Winzen – PhD Thesis 2020 – Uni Münster
N. Eizenhöfer – Bachelor Thesis 2020 – TU Darmstadt
D. Kiefer – PhD Thesis 2019 – TU Darmstadt
M. Horst – Bachelor Thesis 2018 & Master Thesis 2019 – TU Darmstadt
S. Klammes – Master Thesis 2017 - TU Darmstadt
L. Eidam – PhD Thesis 2017 – TU Darmstadt
HB. Wang – PhD Thesis 2016 – CAS, IMP Lanzhou, China
T. Beck – PhD Thesis 2015 – TU Darmstadt
WQ. Wen - PhD Thesis 2013 – CAS, IMP Lanzhou, China
M. Bussmann - PhD Thesis 2008 – LMU München