Department Ring HV (RHV)

The department Ring HV supervises and developes pulsed power accelerator components of the SIS18 and ESR. The components are mostly rapidly pulsed magnets (Kickermagnets), for injection and extraction of the ion beam.

These Kickermagnets are able to build-up and dissipate a magnetic field within less than 100 ns. The current inside the Kickermagnet can add up to 1600 A. Therefore is needed a high voltage of 80 kV.

Another important accelerator component for injection and extraction, is the electrostatic septum. With this component and an electrostatical field, the ion beam is deflected by a current of about 240 kV.

Last not least the department Ring HV has a main focus on procurement and configuration of pulsed injection- and extraction devices for the FAIR Project at GSI Darmstadt.






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