Product Lifecycle Management (PMO-PLM)


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Product-Lifecycle-Management (PLM) is a concept for the integration of all data thats accumulated in the "life" of a product.


2016 the PLM project team was mandated by the FAIR/GSI management with the implementation of a Product Lifecyclemanagement (PLM) for FAIR.
The FAIR/GSI management approved the PLM concept in December 2016. In 2017 the PLM project team searched for an appropriate software solution fitting best to the tasks and FAIR/GSI's IT landscape, and demonstrated PLM successful in a pilot. After the successful demonstration the PLM project team was asked to roll-out the PLM. Since February 2018 the System is productive and data aquisition is ongoing.

The group PLM within the Project Management Office (PLM) is the organizatorial continuation of the PLM project team. Task of the PLM team are the to provide the PLM system and develop it further as well as the support of the expert groups and users in product lifecycle management.