Configuration Management & Documentation (CMD)

Group Lead

Bertram Schönfelder

Phone: +49-6159-71-1427

Fax: +49-6159-71-2334

Room: C35 2.202






Isabel De Caluwé (Secretary)

+49 6159-71-1746

BK1 2.011


Wolfgang Gallus (Deputy)

+49 6159-71-2346

C35 2.201


Reinhard Ingelmann

+49 6159-71-1349

C35 2.201


Andrea López

+49 6159-71-3192

C35 2.201


Tasks with CMD - Configuration Management & Documentation

The group CMD Configuration Management & Documentation addresses the monitoring of the configuration between the accelerator machine and FAIR building. Hereby PMO Configuration Management & Documentation fulfills an essential interface business.

CDB and Interface Management
  • Development, installation and operation of a component data base (CDB) is done by CMD Configuration Management & Documentation. The CDB provides quality assured data from all relevant accelerator components and their requirements for the technical building equipment, for their supply and for the FAIR buildings concerning the installation in rooms from the FAIR building space plan. The quantity structures of the requirements are evaluated in specific reports (list of performance data, cable status, etc.) The FAIR users are provided with a "CID Number Generator" for the assignment of CIDs ("Component Identification Number") to the components for the purpose of logistics and asset management. Moreover the database is the hub for maintaining the technical requirements for each machine (e. g. machine and beam parameters).The collection and structuring of this data supports change processes (e. g. Engineering Change Requests - ECR) and workflows within the Configuration Management. The CDB will deliver essential information for the control system.
  • The CDB can internally be accessed via, from outside via All employees of FAIR@GSI and FAIR GmbH with a GSI Weblogin Account have automatically received read-only rights. A log-in can be done via GSI Weblogin Account (also used for project time recording (PROZ) or safety instructions). Other persons involved in the FAIR project who need access to the CDB may contact cdb-service(at)
DMS and Documentation

It supervises operationally:

  • The administration and accessibility of the entire technical documentation in the context of release and ECR workflows as well as for final storage of relevant documentation in designated document management systems
  • Issuing and administration of user authorizations within the framework of the document management
  • CDB-suported issuing of Nomenclature of Documents according to:
    • Work Instruction "Document Types and Naming Convention. F-AA-CMD-de-0001“. EDMS ID 1884177
    • Work Instruction "Number Generator for Naming of Documents. F-AA-CMD-en-0002“. EDMS ID 2248931


Ad interim the group CMD Configuration Management & Documentation currently also covers aspects of quality management: Templates and Processes are drawn up for e. g. filling in special documents or for the change management.


Further useful templates, Procedural Instructions and Work Instructions can be found below:


  • Procedural Instruction (VA): "Maintenance of Inconsistencies of Configuration Data for FS&B in the CDB and CableDB". EDMS-ID: 2431626
  • Work Instruction (AA): "Access Authorization Drive \\campus\groups" (only in German). EDMS-ID: 2267137
  • Template: "Detailed Specification (DS)". EDMS-ID: 1298173
  • Template: "Engeering Change Request (ECR)". EDMS-ID: 1276327
  • Template: "Upload of Calibration Data into CDB". EDMS-ID: 1782415
  • Procedural Instruction (VA): "Maintenance of Configuration Data for FS&B". EDMS-ID: 2142857
  • Procedural Instruction (VA): "Change Management". EDMS-ID: 1387517