Ring Instruments (RI)

This group is responsible for the beam instrumentation of circular machines. This covers conceptual design of instrumentation for synchrotrons and storage rings that already exist at GSI (ESR and SIS18), as well as future FAIR machines SIS100 and CR. The group develops detectors for transverse beam measurements like Beam Position Monitors and Ionization Profile Monitor. This development covers the complete life cycle of the beam instrumentation component:

i) numerical simulation and optimization of the detectors,
ii) support during technical design phase,
iii) support during production and factory acceptance test
iv) development and validation of the calibration method
v) RF-measurements of the completed product
vi) commissioning and routine operation.

With their expertise LOBIRI group supports operation of the existing GSI facility mainly during troubleshooting, upgrades with new detection methods, as well as in advanced beam measurements and machine experiments.


Dr. Piotr Kowina

Phone: +49-6159-71-1712