Electronics Development (ED)

Mission and competence of the ED group are focussed on diagnostic sensors for the beam intensity, position and center-of-mass, present in all accelerator facilities and transfer lines at GSI and FAIR.
ED group's monitoring systems are of vital importance for operation, optimization and a better understanding of the acceleration processes. Furthermore, instruments developped by ED provide means for machine protection against radiation impact, and compliance with official operating permits as well.

Within the scope of ED's function, hard- and software components are developped and manufactured, using sophisticated analog, digital and RF technologies. In consequence, operational tasks, sustainment, maintenance, regular calibrations and repairs have to be attended by ED's staff. The unexceptional modifications and innovations of the accelerator facilities are a continuous demand, requiring permanent adaption of ED's instruments and systems, which has to be realized in close cooperation with the accelerator physicists and operators.

The FAIR project constitutes many new tasks and challenges. Thus, ED staff has to compile technical specifications for all kinds of beam diagnostic instruments, supports planning of technical infrastructure and supervises foreign in-kind partners. Development and as well manufacturing of GSI's own in-kind contributions of beam diagnostics is yet another task.
Finally, ED participates in set-up and commissioning for all beam diagnostic elements of FAIR's CRYRING, as well as supporting the design and selection of equipment for a new accelerator control room.

ED specialists act as contact persons in case of issues with hardware and control system issues, reaching across several technical sections. Furthermore, they contribute to system integration, commissioning and problem solving in the versatile accelerator facilities, also help selecting and installing computer- controlled measuring equipment for the main control room.

Common tasks like technical inquests about materials or components, the solicitations of quotes, and functional preparations of procurements are executed casually. Permanent technical and safety  education is mandatory for the ED personnel as well. Moreover, coaching for trainees and support for graduands and Ph. D. students have to be supplied.
Along the way, the technological change of the GSI's facilities as well as for electronic technology requires the ED group to update their technical expertise continually.


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