PhD Representatives

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Welcome to the website of the PhD representatives of GSI/FAIR.

The PhD representatives represents the needs and interests of all PhD students working on-site at GSI/FAIR, as well as external PhD students related to GSI/FAIR. This includes PhD students in the Graduate School HGS-HIRe.

We are in close contact with the administrative and scientific committees and can introduce topics to the various committees.
We are the direct contact for all doctoral students, regardless of the specific contractual situation, on all topics that we encounter in our daily lives. By contractual situation we mean that to us it does not matter whether you are directly employed by GSI, at any university or have a scholarship. We support every PhD student engaged with GSI/FAIR.

On this website we would like to briefly introduce ourselves to you. In the sidebar, you will find all information about us and our projects, but also information about the PhD at GSI. In addition, we want to bundle the information about promotion, which can be found in various places on the homepage of the GSI, on our website. This website should be a kind of central contact point for all topics concerning the doctorate.

Good-to-know: Sometimes you come across different names like Doktorandenvertretung, Promovierendenvertretung, PhD Representatives or Doctoral Researchers Council in connection with us. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to bring some order to this chaos: We have decided that we will refer to ourselves in German as Doktorandenvertretung. In English, it would be more correct to call ourselves the Doctoral Researchers Council, as there is a legal difference between the German Doktor and the PhD, which originates from the Anglo-Saxon world. However, the value and research quality of the PhD and the doctorate are equivalent. As the term PhD is much more familiar to most foreign doctoral students, we have decided to call ourselves PhD Representatives in English.

Please note: The subpages are only available for person with a Web-Login! How to get a Web-Login as a PhD student, you can find out here:

So, if you have any problems, questions, suggestions, or you might even want to get involved, just get in touch with us (Student.Representative(at) Otherwise, you can subscribe to the PhD-All mailing list, where we keep you updated. You can subscribe here:


Your Representatives – Yannic Wolf (1st Representative), Jannik Petersen (2nd Representative), Sarah Grimm (Volunteer), Carl Georg Boos (Volunteer)