Representative Board of Disabled Employees

Contact Person

This representatives are working from 01.12.2022 to 30.11.2026

  • Doris Ossot (Trustwoman)
    Phone: 06159 71 2526

Representative Board for Disabled Employees

The representative board for disabled employees is to support the intergration of disabled persons into the company, to represent their interests and to offer them advice and assistance.

Mainly the board has to guard that current legislation (laws, edicts, labour and works council agreements, administrative instructions) in favour of the disabled employees are implemented and also that especially the duties on part of the employer are fulfilled.

The board also applies at the relevant body for measures subserving the disabled. It collects suggestions and complaints from disabled employees and works by negociations with the employer towards their implementation resp. settlement.

The board has to be consulted regarding all issues connected with individual disabled employees or the group of them. This especially applies for hiring, transposition or notice of termination, but also for the fitment of the working place with appliances according to the needs of disabled employees.

Here you may find Reference in the Internet to the rights of disabled employees.


At GSI a liason officer (m/f) and at least one deputy of the disabled employees is elected.

Eligible voters are all disabled persons employed at GSI and those who are on a par with them. The regular elections take place every 4 years, within the period of October 1 until November 30.

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Precautionary care

Every one of us can be in a position where we are no longer able to deal with important matters of life on our own responsibility due to an accident, a serious illness, a disability or also due to declining mental powers in old age. Have you ever thought about who will then act and decide for you?

If you are dependent on outside help, there is a whole range of decisions in all areas of life that have to be made for you by other people. Therefore, it makes sense to deal with this situation in good time and to ask very specific questions:

This link will provide you with interesting information and forms. Furthermore, you can have additional information material sent to you.