MS Windows Documentation @ GSI

At GSI/FAIR you can use the Microsoft Office programs under Windows. This includes the programs Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote.

An this point you can find the available documentations.


Office 2016

Starting from July 2017, Windows 10 and Office Professional Plus 2016 will be installed on mobile GSI / FAIR devices.

For the Office installation, some configuration settings have been made via group policies, which are primarily related to security settings.

These are in detail:

  • Only digitally signed VBA macros are allowed.
  • Add-ins must be signed by a trusted publisher.
  • You can not add additional trusted locations.

You need a smartcard with a certificate especially for code signing.

Here you can find hints for changing to the new Office version.

Quick guides

  • Out of Office Assistent in Outlook  
  • Rules Wizzard
  • Configuring Samba Connection to Linux
  • Spam Assistent
  • Configuration of Thunderbird / Mozilla