MS Windows Documentation @ GSI

At GSI/FAIR you can use the Microsoft Office programs under Windows. This includes the programs Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote.

An this point you can find the available documentations.


  • Remote Access
  • Hints
  • Mail @ GSI

Office 2016

Starting from July 2017, Windows 10 and Office Professional Plus 2016 will be installed on mobile GSI / FAIR devices.

For the Office installation, some configuration settings have been made via group policies, which are primarily related to security settings.

These are in detail:

  • Only digitally signed VBA macros are allowed.
  • Add-ins must be signed by a trusted publisher.
  • You can not add additional trusted locations.

You need a smartcard with a certificate especially for code signing.

Here you can find hints for changing to the new Office version.

Quick guides

  • Out of Office Assistent in Outlook  
  • Rules Wizzard
  • Configuring Samba Connection to Linux
  • Spam Assistent
  • Configuration of Thunderbird / Mozilla