Instruction for the use of your fixed-phone

User's guide for telephone (in German only):

Instruction for the use of smartphones


Establish connection

Preparatory activity (only for Android users)

        Install the application "eduroam CAT" from the Play-Store.

Set up connection with "eduroam" (all smartphone users)

  • Turn on your mobile data.
  • Navigate in the native browser of your device to
  • Choose the organisation "GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH".
  • If applicable, workarounds for specific operating systems are provided under "User group". If your operating system is listed here, please select this group. If nothing suitable is offered, select the group "default".
  • In rare cases the operating system is not recognized. If a corresponding message is displayed on the web page, please select the correct operating system (incl. version) of your device.
  • Install the profile (Android: open with the eduroam CAT-app).
  • You may be prompted to set a device password (lock screen), restart the profile installation in the eduroam CAT-app afterwards.
  • During the installation your web-login credentials (PROZ, DIO, GSI-Service-Portal) are required.

Remove Connection 

  • Android users
    Settings >> Connections >> Wi-Fi >> eduroam >> forget Network
  • iOS users
    1. Settings >> General >> Profiles >> eduroam >> remove Profile
    2. Settings >> Wi-Fi >> eduroam >> forget this network