Twisted Pair Connection - Network Socket

On this page you will find the web form for the activation of a network socket plus the corresponding help text.

Help text

Please follow these steps to connect your device to the Twisted Pair outlets:

  1. Check whether there are VoIP-Phones already installed in the room, in which you want to connect your PC/Laptop. At the back of the VoIP-phones there are two sockets: 'LAN' [for the phone] and 'PC' [for your PC/Laptop]. If the 'PC'-socket is empty, you can proceed with step 7
  2. Read the area identifier in the middle of the outlet box, e.g. SB2C
  3. Read the outlet identifier at the right/left part of the outlet box, e.g.02A-46
  4. Enter the identifier of the machine that you want to connect, e.g. DEPC99
  5. Enter the room identifier e.g. SB2.2.168
  6. Fill in the form below with the parameters, then press the SEND-button
  7. Get a Twisted Pair cable with RJ45-connectors at both sides from SB3.1.275A
  8. Connect your machine to the outlet with the cable