Beam Catchers

Only up to half of the primary is converted to fragments inside the production target, but all fragements and the primary beam come out of the target. This power of up to 24 kW with very localised energy deposition must be dumped on a dedicated absorber. In one spill energy densities up to 1 kJ/g can be reached. It and must never hit a vacuum chamber or other devcices directly. In worst case the beam even comes in a short pulse of only 50ns duration.

Graphite for fast extraction and copper absorbers for slow extraction are foreseen. They are connected directly to water-cooled heat sinks inside the vacuum chambers. To chose between graphite or copper they can be moved up or down and some also in horizontal direction like slits. In total three beam catcher stations are foreseen one after each dipole.

As these absorbers are the strongest sources of radiation in the Super-FRS the absorbers are mounted on shielding plugs and the chambers are equipped with extra iron shielding attached to the chambers which are embedded in the overall iron shielding.


Partners: CSIR-CMERI Durgapur, GSI