Components and Activities

For organizational reasons, the Super-FRS can be divided into four main groups:


Beamline components

The beamline components are grouped into assembly units. Once the components are produced, they will be pre-assembled in groups and afterwards transported in the tunnel for the installaton. Herafter the list of the assembly units:


NC QQnc quadrupole 1a + quadrupole 1b
NC QSnc quadrupole 2 + sextupole
NC Dnc dipole
BCbeam catcher
BC3-NCSbeam catcher 3 + nc sextupole
TAtarget chamber
SMdiagnostic chamber
LMsc short multiplets
SCDsc dipole
VACvacuum part
EBDEnergy Buncher Dipole
EBMEnergy Buncher Multiplets
BDNBeam Dumps (NUSTAR)


Download here the pdf of the Super-FRS assembly units

Supply and infrastructure components

The supply and infrastructure components are not hosting the passage of the beam. They are intefaced with the beam-line components. 



Support Activities

Some long-term activities are necessary to support the design, production, and testing of the components.

Beam Dynamics calculations

Digital Mock-Up (DMU)

Testing of sc magnets



Buildings interface and building special components

The construction of the buildings, inside which the Super-FRS will be placed, is under the coordindation of the FAIR-Site-and-Building (FSB) division. Information about FAIR Civil Construction can be found here.

Some peculiar aspects of the Super-FRS building require a close collaboration work between FSB and the Super-FRS work package leaders. These topics are: