People behind the project

The sub-project Super-FRS is carried out by meany people around the world.

Seven sharholders (Germany, Russia, India, France, Poland, Finland and Sweden) and several companies from all over the world are working together for the Super-FRS realisation.



The core team

The core team is located on FAIR/GSI campus. Embedded in the structure of the FAIR/GSI organizational chart, the division Super-FRS is coordinating the work inside and outside the campus. The core team is composed not only by members of the division Super-FRS, but also by experts of other divisions, like magnets engineering, cryogenics, vacuum, electronics, electrical power, mechanical design, civil construction and other specialties.

Our team at CERN

Our team at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) is responsible for the testing of the superconducting magnets. In collaboration with colleagues at CERN, the team constructed a state-of-the-art testing facility, and it is now busy with the testing of the 56 super conducting magnets.

Our colleagues in Poland

The Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poland, is working on the design, production and future installation of the cryogenic system along the Super-FRS, the so-called Local Cryogenics.

Our colleagues in India

The Bose Institute; Kolkata, India, is in charge of producing the beam catchers in target area. Most probably, India will also produce the power converters for the Super-FRS magnets.


Our colleagues in Finland and Sweden

Finland and Sweden are working on the realization of several beam diagnostic components, like the MUSICs, SEM grids, GEM TPC, the detector feedthrough.