The slit system is used to cut and collimate the ion/fragment beam in the transversal beam direction (horizontally or vertically). It consists of 12 horizontal (x-slits) and 6 vertical (y-slits) slit-pairs. The basis of the slit systems of the Super-FRS are two metal blocks of DENSIMET®185 (96% tungsten, 3% nickel and 1% iron) which have to move in a vacuum chamber in horizontal direction (0 - 400 mm) and in vertical direction (0 - 200 mm), respectively. Due to the highly radioactive environment particularly in the Pre-Separator, some of the slits are designed to allow for robot handling. Overview of x-slit system is shown below.


The first y-slit was delivered to GSI and passed the SAT test in 2020. The blocks were remotely moved by the microIOC M-Box-PMAC and the PDC (power drive case) developed by Cosylab. The supply interface for the electric signals (Media Board v. 1) designed at GSI-SFRS is fully compatible with the robot handling under development at the Pre-Separator of the Super-FRS.



In September 2022 all 17 slits produced at KVI were shipped to GSI. The final acceptance test (SAT) of all devices is ongoing at GSI.

Partners: KVI-CART and GSI