How does it work? – Information for potential users

Application to the respective TNA programme

In order to be eligible for beam time at one of the participating research infrastructures, you or the majority of your group must work in a European country other    than the one where the infrastructure is located. Applications for research projects or clinical treatment are sent to the respective programmes described on our TNA page, to be evaluated by User Selection Panels (USPs):

  • For INSPIRE, you can apply using this form.
  • For HITRIplus, please use the form on the HITRIplus TNA website.
  • For RADNEXT, calls for proposals and application form are found here.                  

Your proposal will be evaluated by USPs which are composed of outstanding researchers in the field, at least half of whom are not affiliated to the participating Research Infrastructures. The USP will assess the proposal for TA in terms of technical and scientific excellence, future potential and impact. Feedback on the application will usually be given within 4 weeks after submission. If your request is granted, you proceed with your chosen infrastructure. I.e., the following steps only apply for users of our GSI infrastructures (UNILAC and SIS):

Application for beam time at GSI

At the GSI biophysics department, beam access is provided either under the Bio-PAC or under the ESA-IBER programme, for which yearly calls are issued. At the other research infrastructures, different selection procedures may prevail.
Information on Bio-PAC and ESA-IBER, is given under the links above. There, you can also sign up for a mailing list in order to be notified of upcoming calls. The decision by the local programme advisory committee (PAC) is binding and overrides the vote by the TNA USP.

Guest registration with the GSI welcome office

All visitors are required to register with our welcome office, using this form. If several members of your group are coming, each needs to register. Upon registration, you will receive the necessary security instructions. At arrival, you will receive a chip card which gives you access to the campus and all facilities that you are entitled to use.

Reimbursement of travel costs

After completion of your project and return to your home institution, you may request the reimbursement of your costs using the following forms:

Please fill the form electronically and return the printed and signed copy to the secretary of the GSI biophysics department. Attach all original receipts and send the documents in paper form to:

GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH
Sekretariat Biophysik
Planckstraße 1
64291 Darmstadt

They will countersign and forward the application to our welcome office. Please send your form as soon as possible and no later than six months after your visit. Retarded submission may result in the loss of the reimbursement.

Please note the following rules that apply:

  •  Travel: economy class for air fares, second class for train tickets, private car 0,30€/km irrespective of number of passengers.
  •  Subsistence: flat rate daily allowance of 40€; day of arrival and day of departure are counted together as one full day; 40% = 16€ reduction for complementary meals (lunch or dinner), 20% reduction for breakfast at hotel.
  • Accommodation: flat rate of 30€/night for accommodation in GSI facilities at Messeler-Park-Straße 121 or actual cost (please include bill) for on-site guesthouse at Planckstraße 1. If accommodation in GSI guest facilities is not available, GSI will reimburse the hotel cost.
  •  Hotel accomodation: Hotel price per night must not exceed 70€. The bill must be issued to:

GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH
Your full name
Planckstraße 1
64291 Darmstadt

  • The full travel guidelines can be found under this link.

In case of questions, please refer any time to Dr. Konrad Lehmann.

Reporting after the experiment

Please make sure that all publications resulting from your work performed in the framework of the supported project include the following acknowledgment: "This work has been supported by the European Union’s H2020 Research and Innovation Programme, under Grant Agreement No. [see below]".


The grant agreement number is:

730983 for INSPIRE

101008126 for RADNEXT

101008548 for HITRIplus

Please keep GSI informed of all the publications referred to above by sending the references to Marco Durante by email (CC to bio-sekretariat at gsi).