Plasma physics experiments at Z6:

Interaction of heavy ions with laser driven plasma

Ø energy loss of projectile ions in ideal / non-ideal plasma

Ø charge state distribution of ions penetrating plasma

Ø charge exchange processes in ionized matter

Ø probing of plasma properties by energy loss of heavy ions



Various plasma heating schemes

Direct heating

high Te

highly ionized

strong gradients

Hohlraum heating

moderate Te

 moderate ionized



Various targets

Directly heated foil targets:

hot (Te > 200 eV)

plasma highly / fully ionized

plasma fast expanding

energy loss in ideal plasma

Hohlraum target with foil/foam:


moderate temperature

slow expansion

energy loss in non-ideal plasma

Direct heated foams:

smoothing of laser energy

slow expansion

super sonic ionization

Cryogenic H-target:

fully ionized plasma target

Charge exchange by free electrons

Recent results:
Energy loss and charge state distribution of Ar ions at 4 MeV/u penetrating a laser generated Carbon plasma

Projectile: 36Ar

Target: laser heated Carbon foil

Laser: nhelix (NdYAG)

Energy: 4 MeV/u

Thickness: 0.5 µm (100 µg/cm²)

Wavelength: 1064 nm

Initial charge state: 16+

Plasma density: 1018 – 1022 e/cm3

Energy: 50 J


Plasma temperature: up to 250 eV

Pulse length: 10 ns


Intensity: 5·1011 W/cm2

Collaboration: TU-Darmstadt; Uni-Frankfurt; VNIIEF-Sarov; ITEP-Moscow; LPI-Moscow