Annual Reports 1999


  • Progress Towards an Optical Isotope Shift Measurement of 11Li
    A. Dax, GSI
    pdf (113 kB)
  • Access to Two-Photon QED Contributions via 2s 2S1/2-2p 2P1/2 Transitions in Heavy Li-Like Ions
    D. Feili, Universität Gießen
    pdf (63 kB)
  • Tho Two-Photon Continuum Observed in Decay of the 1s2s 1S0 Level in Heavy Helium-like Ions
    H.W. Schäffer, GSI
    pdf (250 kB)
  • Recombination of Highly charged Ions with Free Electrons at the ESR
    A. Hoffknecht, Universität Gießen
    pdf (143 kB)
  • Double Electron Capture in Relativistic U92+ Collisions Observed at the ESR Jet Target
    A. Warczak, IFUJ-Cracow
    pdf (52 kB)
  • Multiple Electron Capture from C-foils into Slow Highly-Charged Ions
    H. Bräuning, GSI
    pdf (1 499 kB)
  • Collective ECC Cusp in Many-Electron Continua in Strong Field Heavy Ion Collisions
    S. Hagmann, GSI
    pdf (247 kB)
  • Photoionization Studies for H-like High-Z Ions at Low Energies
    Th. Stöhlker, GSI
    pdf (127 kB)
  • Double Ionization in Strong Laser Fields
    Th. Weber, Uni Frankfurt
    pdf (111 kB)
  • Fragmentation of Atoms in Intense Femto and Attosecond Fields
    R. Moshammer, Uni Freiburg
    pdf (101 kB)
  • Kinetic energy release in N2 fragmentation by swift highly charged ions
    B. Siegmann, Uni Bielefeld
    pdf (84 kB)
  • Three-Dimensional Ionisation Distibution of 11.2 MeV/u AR Ions in Triethylamine Gas
    V. Dangendorf, PTB Braunschweig
    pdf (314 kB)
  • Experiments with Heavy Ions in Traps
    H. Häffner, Uni Mainz
    pdf (553 kB)


Technical Developments

  • PHELIX - A Petawatt High Energy Laser for Heavy Ion Experiments - Status Report
    Th. Kühl, GSI
    pdf (250 kB)
  • The H2Cluster Target at the ESR Storage Ring
    A. Krämer, GSI
    pdf (180 kB)
  • A Micro-Strip Germanium Detector for Position Sensitive X-Ray Spectroscopy
    Th. Stöhlker, GSI
    pdf (40 kB)
  • A Position-Sensitive Xe Gas Detector for Hard X Rays
    M. CzantaGSI
    pdf (37 kB)
  • Spectroscopy of the Pb81+Lyalpha2 Line by Absorption Edge Technique
    C. Strietzel, Uni Siegen
    pdf (407 kB), zip (189 kB)
  • The Focusing Compensated Asymmetric Laue Spectrometer
    H.F. Beyer, GSI
    pdf (80 kB)
  • A new detector system for measuring the bound state beta-decay of fully ionized 205Tl at the ESR
    L. Maier, TU München
    pdf (56 kB)



  • Completion of QED-calculations for hydrogenlike uranium
    I.A. Goidenko, Saint-Petersburg State University
    pdf (84 kB)
  • Studies on the Hyperfine Struture of Highly-Charged Hydrogen- and Lithium-like Ions
    M. Tomaselli, TU Darmstadt
    pdf (69 kB)
  • Radiative Electron Capture and the Photoelectric Effect in Hydrogen-like High-Z Systems
    J. Eichler, HMI Berlin
    pdf (116 kB), zip (72 kB)
  • QED corrections to the radiative electron capture in heavy ion-atom collisions
    V.M. Shabaev, Saint-Petersburg State University
    pdf (83 kB)
  • Dielectronic Recombination on Lithium-like Uranium
    T. Steih, Uni Gießen
    pdf (79 kB)
  • Electron Capture in Collisions between low charged heavy ions
    V.P. Shevelko, GSI
    pdf (510 kB), zip (508 kB)
  • Vacuum-Assisted Photoionization
    D. C. Ionescu, GSI
    pdf (318 kB)
  • Ionization of High-Z Prohectiles at Relativistic Energies <= 1000 AMeV
    S. Fritsche, Uni Kassel
    pdf (97 kB)
  • Relativistic collisions of composite ions and atoms
    A.B. Voitkiv, Uni Gießen
    pdf (83 kB)