Annual Reports 1998

  • Experiments with Heavy Ions in Traps
    N. Hermanspahn, Uni Mainz
    pdf (200 kB), zip (150 kB)
  • Bound Electron g-Factor in Hydrogen-Like Bismuth
    H. Winter, GSI
    pdf (110 kB), zip (70 kB)
  • Progress in the Measurement of 2s 2S½ Transition Energies in Lithiumlike Heavy Ions
    Ph. Bosselmann, Uni Gießen
    pdf (15 kB), zip (12 kB)
  • Recombination of Highly Charged Ions with Free Electrons at the ESR
    C. Brandau, GSI
    pdf (190 kB), zip (120 kB)
  • Comparison Between the Nonrelativistic Dipole Approximation and the Exact Relativistic Theory for Radiative Recombination
    O. Brînzanescu, GSI
    pdf (13 kB), zip (13 kB)
  • Angular Distribution Studies for the Time Reversed Photoionization Process: The Identification of Spin-Flip Transitions
    Th. Stöhlker, Uni Frankfurt
    pdf (30 kB), zip (28 kB)
  • Monte Carlo Simulation of Atomic Processes at the Gas Jet Target of the ESR Storage Ring
    P. Swiat, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland
    pdf (116 kB), zip (86 kB)
  • Projectile Excitation Studies for High-Z Ions at the ESR Storage Ring
    A. Krämer, Uni Frankfurt
    pdf (34 kB), zip (29 kB)
  • Complete Experiments on Heavy Ion induced Multiple Ionisation
    R. Moshammer, Uni Freiburg
    pdf (110 kB), zip (91 kB)
  • Ionisation and fragmentation of small molecules in collisions with Xe43+ and Xe17+ at 5.9 MeV/u
    U. Brinkmann, Uni Bielefeld
    pdf (80 kB), zip (54 kB)
  • Performance of a Position-Sensitive Gas Detector for Hard X Rays
    M. Czanta, GSI
    pdf (53 kB), zip (27 kB)
  • Calorimetric Low-temperature Detectors for Precise Lamb Shift Measurement on Hydron-like Heavy Ions
    A. Bleile, Uni Mainz
    pdf (21 kB), zip (20 kB)
  • High-Power Tuneable Infrared Laser Source
    M. Würtz, TU Darmstadt
    pdf (72 kB), zip (46 kB)
  • Study for Stopping and Extractions of SHIP Separarted Ions in a Buffer Gas Cell - RFQ Ion Guide System
    P.G. Thirolf, LMU München
    pdf (230 kB), zip (219 kB)