ACC/OPE is the central department for the accelerator operation of GSI & FAIR and provides both, the operations management and the operating team of operators and operation engineers. The operating team carries out all tasks in the main control room, from the commissioning of the accelerators to the optimization of the beam parameters at the experiment stations. During the operating phases, the main control room is therefore the central workplace of the department and since the experiments also run overnight and at weekends, our collegues are permanently present in 24h alternating shift operation .

Both the accelerator operating times and the maintenance phases (the so-called shutdowns) are planned, coordinated and analysed by the operations management. During the shutdown period, the operators and operation engineers support the technical departments such as beam diagnosis, magnet power supply or Linac-RF and also participate in the application development for operating applications.

The operations department also takes on tasks in technical machine coordination. The maintenance and further development of the high-energy beam transfer HEST (all transfer lines behind SIS18) is the responsibility of the department.

In preparation for the start of FAIR Phase 1, the Operations Department is strongly involved in the development of a commissioning strategy for the FAIR accelerator complex and the design of the future FAIR control room. Another central task is to prepare the operating team for the new challenges associated with FAIR operations. This includes the optimisation of processes and the dedicated training and further education of team members.

Department Head

Dr. Stephan Reimann

Phone: +49-6159-71-1591

Office: SE 1.172


Dr. Markus Vossberg

Phone: +49-6159-71-3218

Office: BR3 1.168