Social counselling Service (EAP)

As an employee1) you have the possibility to take benefit of a social counselling service free of charge. This EAP expert counselling is offered by the ias group. EAP stands for "Employee Assistance Program". The counsellors of the ias group are available to you by phone, by email, in one-to-one meetings and via a hotline. They offer anonymous, individual counselling on topics such as:

Health and personal matters:

  • family and partnership
  • children and upbringing
  • separation/divorce
  • nursing care advise
  • stress
  • substance abuse/addiction
  • psychosomatic disorders
  • mental health disorders
  • financial difficulties/ debt

Professional life:

  • work overload
  • workplace conflicts/mobbing
  • return-to-work management
  • managing change processes

1) This does not include scholarship holders (e.g. doctoral scholarship holders and guest researchers), guests without compensation, external doctoral candidates of the GSI graduate school.

Counselling for line managers and functionaries

Our social counselling services also include counselling for employees in their role as line managers and functionaries, for example, on issues of integration and conflict management.


It also offers counselling for line managers and functionaries on the following topics:

  • Ensuring a good communication culture, e.g. when many people work from home
  • Structuring meetings in a sustainable way
  • Healthy leadership
  • Resilience in the team
  • Dealing with stress
  • Dealing constructively with conflicts
  • Dealing with addiction problems among employees
  • Health-conscious management of employees
  • Support for employees in difficult situations
  • Preparing difficult discussions with employees

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