EMMI Lecture Series

Lecture on Studies of Hadron Production in Nuclear Medium by LHCb
Valery Pugatch, Institute for Nuclear Research, Kiev
Jun 22, 2017, GSI

Lectures on relativistic hydrodynamics in Heavy-Ion Collisions
Wojciech Florkowski, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sicence, Krakow, Poland
Jun 8, 2017, GSI

Bound states in gauge theories, from QED to QCD
Paul Hoyer, University of Helsinki
Mar 5-6 and Mar 12-13, 2015, GSI

Symposium on Perspectives in Quark-Gluon Plasma Physics
Mar 29-30, 2010, GSI

QCD and Heavy-Ion Collisions
Xin-Nian Wang, LBNL
Mar 2-3 and Mar 12, 2009,  FIAS