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Program Advisory Committees of GSI

For granting beamtime to experiment proposals the Scientific Directorate gets advise from GSI's Program Advisory Committees (PACs). The PACs consist of external internationally recognised experts in their fields recommending beamtime to be granted to proposals on the basis of scientific merit and technical feasibility - and when required along GSI's strategy. During the peparatory phase of FAIR the different PACs for separate research fields do not convene regularly, e.g for the field of Biophysics & Radiobiology (Bio-PAC), Materials Research (Mat-PAC) or Nuclear and Atomic Physics (G-PAC).


However, the advise of a General Program Advisory Committee (G-PAC) is called, when limited beamtime for a variety of research fields can be offered. The committee is composed of external experts of the fields represented in the proposals.


The PHELIX Committee (former PPAC) is the only committee to continue meeting on a regular basis during FAIR preparations,  since the PHELX laser is operational also during upgrade measurements of the accelerator facilities. The PHELIX Committee evaluates experiment proposals concerning plasmaphysics and Petawatt High-Energy Laser for Heavy Ion Experiments (PHELIX).